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There are so many other aspects of Royal watching that aren't covered by the other categories.  In the General Interest section you will find a wide variety of interesting topics. 

    A fascinating look at the viability of modern monarchies and the value of Royalty and its' role in global political systems.

    Welcome to The Royal Articles, a division of The Royal Forums, the largest and most comprehensive discussion forum on royalty to be found on the Internet. We have a lot of very knowledgeable members, some of whom have written articles on royalty-related topics of interest to them, and we are proud to share those articles here.

    Royal Death

    Kings and Queens, Pharaohs and Popes - they die just like everyone else, but their passing is marked by rituals, traditions and memorials that are unmistakably royal. This article looks at some of the traditions and rituals associated with royal deaths.

    Diana Princess of Wales inspired the production of vast quantities of memorabilia, from books, postcards, and postage stamps to dolls, china, glassware, and jewellery. This article discusses the motivation for collecting Diana memorabilia and some ways to go about building your own collection.

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