BeatrixFan is an English drag queen with an unhealthy obsession with big hair. He has been a forum member for four years and has a special passion for the Duchess of Cornwall. Totally unreciprocated of course.

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Rosa Lewis

Rosa Lewis is perhaps best known these days as the inspiration for the main character in the 1970s TV series "The Duchess of Duke Street." She was a Victorian kitchen maid who became a world-renowned cook and the proprietor of the Cavendish Hotel on Jermyn Street in London. Edward VII, both as Prince of Wales and later as King, greatly appreciated Rosa's excellent cooking and her sharp Cockney wit, as well as her beauty. It is rumoured that Rosa was one of his many mistresses, but she was the soul of discretion on this subject so the rumour has never been confirmed. Rosa lived through both world wars and experienced first-hand the resulting upheavals to the social structure. In prosperity and diversity her wit and wisdom never failed her. This article tells her story.

Royal Death

Kings and Queens, Pharaohs and Popes - they die just like everyone else, but their passing is marked by rituals, traditions and memorials that are unmistakably royal. This article looks at some of the traditions and rituals associated with royal deaths.

The House of Windsor seems safely settled in the chintzy drawing rooms of Buckingham Palace, but could there really be a sell-by date on the most famous Royal Family in the world? Is Prince William really the golden boy he's believed to be, and could a certain Baltic country have all the answers to the age-old question: Monarchy or Republic?

Royal Rocker

An affectionate look at Britain's Princess Margaret, who combined the fairytale persona of a glamorous princess with the free spirit of the second half of the 20th century.

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