Regina was born in 1978, in Portugal. She has been a royalty fan since forever. Regina has a degree in economics and a master's in Christian studies, and she is presently working as an accountant. Regina has a large collection of memo books and day planners, and is interested in alternative medicine, but flowers are her passion. Her next project will be a short course in floriography (language of flowers).

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Queen Amelia of Portugal

Queen Amelia of Portugal, a French princess born in exile in England, married the heir to the Portuguese throne, a throne that became increasingly precarious during her husband's reign. She tried to find a meaningful role as Queen but was constantly attacked by the republican press. Her husband and eldest son were assassinated in front of her, and when her younger son was deposed after a short reign, she left Portugal, the country she had come to deeply love, and ended her life as she had begun it - in exile.

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